PCB/FPC Laser Machine

Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine MS0305-RV-A

Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine MS0305-RV-A


UV or Picosecnd laser cutting machine of cover film (single/double station) is mainly used for precision cutting of FPC, cover film and coil material in the 3C industry. The processing format is 300*500mm. The processing will not produce contact crushing, and the qualified rate of products is high; equipped with ultra-fast laser, the cutting affected area is small, and the processing effect is good




Cover film cutting
protective film cutting
PI protective film cutting
The heating film cutting


  • Modle
  • Laser power(W)
    UV picosecond: 15
  • Working area (mm)
  • Overall dimension(mm)
  • Accuracy (μm)
  • X/Y Working platform
    Linear Motor
  • Base
    High precision marble
  • Cooling method
    Water cooling
  • Support format
    DXF etc.
  • Gross Power (kw)
  • Working environment
    Temp: 10~35 ℃ Humidity :5~85% No condensation, no dust.


  • Imported UV laser generator: small light spot , exquisite marking , small heat effect, good cutting result of cover film laser cutting machine.
  • Imported digital high-speed mirror: small size , high speed, good stability.
  • High-precision linear motor and marble platform: high-speed& high-accuracy processing.
  • Professional laser cutting software system: user-friendly interface , easy to learn & operate。
  • Imported key components , excellent performance, stable quality, long life-span.
  • Non-contact processing, no mechanical stress and deformation, high product qualification rate
  • Any complex graphics can be processed, greatly shortening the delivery cycle
  • Automated and intelligent processing, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency