Laser Marking Machine

Galvo Laser Marking Machine MC-DF-A

Galvo Laser  Marking Machine MC-DF-A


Large-format seamless galvo laser flying marking machine series, with unique seamless flying laser technology, automatic feeding and adjusting/correction function, achieving marking on fly for Infinite length fabrics (width 1800mm) by controlling the laser beams and feeding system to ensure seamless pattern stitching in large scale



Material All kinds of textile fabrics , leather, PU, PVC materials.

carpet engraving
Leather carving
leather cutting
yoga engraving


  • Modle
  • Laser power(W)
    350 / 600
  • Working area(mm)
    1400~1800 * Infinite length
  • Speed(m/min)
  • Supply voltage 
    380V, 50Hz
  • Overall dimension(mm)
  • Working environment
    Temp:20-35℃, Humidity:5~80%
    Clean, less dust


  • During the conveyor movement, the control system will control the laser head , camera scanning and conveyor speed to achieve 1800 mm X unlimited length large format fly laser marking;
  • Automatic feeding and adjusting/correction Function: Modular design of automatic feeding and adjusting/correction, only need one operator to watch the whole process. One person can operate multi-machines, greatly improve the product processing efficiency;
  • Correcting Deviation System: In the process of automatic feeding, correct the deviation of the material during the movement, and realize the precise graphic joining;
  • Metering Function: After marking, the meter can accurately calculate the length of the en re processed material, effectively reducing the waste;
  • Conveyor: Adsorption structure conveyor composed of stainless steel chains, adsorption force is large and the opera on is stable.

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