Laser Marking Machine

Light Guide Plate Laser Dotting Machine MC-DLG-D

Light Guide Plate Laser Dotting Machine MC-DLG-D


Adopts a marble platform and is equipped with a high-pressure vortex air pump to ensure that the acrylic raw materials are absorbed and smoothed on the platform; Equipped with self-developed professional light guide plate design software, it can design any size and shape of light guide plate graphics; Light guide plate laser marking, flat panel lamp laser marking, simple and practical operation, extremely fast data processing.



Flat light RBI
LED lamp dotting
Light guide plate dotting
Shape light guide plate dotting


  • Modle
  • Laser Power
  • Working area (mm)
  • Overall dimension (mm)
  • Minimum line width
    0.5mm,Depending on the format
  • Speed (mm/s)
  • Weight (Kg)
  • Minimum character
  • Gross power (kW)
  • Working environment
    Temp: 5~40 ℃  Humidity :5~85% Clean,less dust


  • Rofin CO2 laser generator with high quality spot and stable power output;
  • High quality triaxial automatic focus scanner, compact structure, durable and free of dust, anti-interference and easy to do precision installation, ensuring extensively high speed and stable working;
  • Reliable and high quality beam expander and reflector with lower light attenuation, guarantee stable laser processing with identical layout and size.
  • Vacuum table and vortex air pump ensure flat work platform for processing material;
  • Superior enclosed and hydromechanics design protects users from radiation, free of dust, very environmental and safety;
  • Self-owned professional design software for guide light plate, easy operation, quick data processing with any shape or size design, as well as compatible with GTools software, quick speed, high efficiency and strong lighting;
  • No need of splicing, processing on light guide plate in the size of 300*300mm / 300*600mm / 600*600mm/600*1200mm/1200*1200mm etc.

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